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Reference: A RESTful API for exchanging materials data in the consortium Computational Materials Science, Volume 93, October 2014, Pages 178-192 Richard H. Taylor, Frisco Rose, Cormac Toher, Ohad Levy, Kesong Yang, Marco Buongiorno Nardelli, Stefano Curtarolo


  • auid

Description: “AFLOWLIB Unique Identifier” for the entry, AUID, which can be used as a publishable object identifier.

Type: string

Example: auid=aflow:e9c6d914c4b8d9ca

Request syntax: $aurl/?auid


  • aurl

Description: “AFLOWLIB Uniform Resource Locator” returns the AURL of the entry. The web server is separated from the web directory with “:”. This tautological keyword, aurl returning itself, is useful for debugging and hyperlinking purposes.

Type: string


Request syntax: $aurl/?aurl


  • data_api

Description: “AFLOWLIB” version of the entry, API. This article describes version 1.0 of the REST-API.

Type: string

Example: data_api=aapi1.0

Request syntax: $aurl/?data_api


  • keywords

Description: This includes the list of keywords available in the entry, separated by commas. All of the keywords can be requested to the database. The request keywords should be the first one made, so that the reader is made aware of the available keywords.

Type: List of strings separated by “,”

Example: keywords=aurl,auid,loop,code,compound,prototype,nspecies,natoms,….

Request syntax: $aurl/?keywords

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